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Christmas Markets

Here’s an overview of the Munich markets:

If you want to explore the Old Town and experience the best markets, follow our Christmas Market Tour to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Good to know: you pay a deposit for each mug of Glühwein. Return it to the correct stall with the Pfand token, or keep it as a souvenir.


The biggest and original market, just two minutes away from the house.




In the past, only aristocrats were allowed to be here; today, the imperial court of the Residenz is a popular meeting point in the pre-Christmas period. Very nice and small market in a beautiful surrounding.


Medieval Christmas Market

The best food, if you ask our staff! This medieval Christmas market at beautiful Wittelsbacher Platz is great to grab dinner and then continue to the other markets.

Medieval Christmas Market - Wittelsbacher Platz

Tollwood Winter Festival

Great festival with food, craftsmanship and shows. The festival aims at reflecting a multicultural society. Therefore, tolerance, internationality and openness are the keystones of the festival. If you have 2-3hrs time and you don’t want the classic Christmas market experience, this is your spot.

Tollwood Festival

Christmas market on a ship: MS Utting 

A very different Christmas market: a ship from nearby lake “Ammersee” was put on an old train bridge and now serves as space for events and gastronomy. The Christmas market on the ship offers a varied cultural program, with artists from near and far, exciting readings and discussions, events for children and workshops. Creative craftsmen and artists present their jewellery, delicacies and treasures at the numerous stands that drop anchor around the Alte Utting.

Just take the bus 132 that leaves just in front of the house.

MS Utting

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