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All our mattresses are from the wonderful company Hilding Sweden:

Hilding Sweden – Satisfaction, Health, Happiness

Our Vision

Products made with pride and the utmost care

There’s a particular way of doing things in Sweden. Quietly. Carefully. With Love. If it takes a little longer to get to a really good result, then so be it. Swedes like to make products that we would be proud to give to our friends and family. And it doesn‘t matter if we are talking about our mattresses, our cars or our cinnamon rolls.

Almost 80 years ago in beautiful Bjärnum, old Hilding Anderson developed his first mattress, and since then we’ve gathered more experience than some people have gathered blueberries. We have turned lots of clever ideas into reality, to bring millions of people good sleep and sweet dreams. Made with the best materials, the smartest construction techniques and our love for good things, we make mattresses for every body type and sleeping style. We test everything in our Sleep Laboratory until everybody is convinced and happy (and that can take some time, because us Swedes are nothing if not thorough!).

And we do all this so that one person has a perfect night and a happy day: You.

Hilding Sweden


Many of our furniture are from the small German manufacturer Richard Lamper.


Richard Lampert

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