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Our pillow service

Together with our partner BETTENRID, we are delighted to be able to offer you a special service. Choose your own pillow from our exclusive selection for a perfect night’s sleep! Every sleeping requirement is catered for. What is important to you for a good night’s sleep?

For further informations, please contact our concierge service or reception team.

Do you prefer all-round comfort?

DUO COMFORT WEICH“ Rid Essentials Feather and Down Pillow

This all-rounder offers the ideal combination
of a feather-soft feel and supportive stability.

Filling material down and feather mix

Do you like sleeping with your neck supported?

‘IMPERATOR’ Rid Essentials Neck Support Pillow

This comfortable pillow provides good support and its breathable latex filling
ensures a feeling of complete well-being as you sleep.

Pillow core 100% latex

Do you like sleeping on a cosy and soft pillow?

‘SUPREME WEICH’ Rid Essentials Fibre Pillow

This soft and cuddly fibre pillow offers ultimate comfort
with maximum warmth. Suitable for allergy sufferers.

Filling material 100% polyester, PE fibre balls

Do you sleep best on your front?

‘OMBRACIO’ Tempur Stomach Sleeper Pillow

The ergonomically shaped pillow is ideal
for those who sleep on their front as it allows easy breathing.

Pillowcase top and underside: 99% polyester and 1% elastane, side 100% polyester

Do you like sleeping at a pleasant temperature?

‘SATINA CAMEL’ Rid Essentials Camel Hair Pillow

Thanks to its good moisture absorption, the premium camel hair pillow
has a naturally climate-regulating effect and offers pleasant comfort.

Filling material 50% camel hair, 50% merino wool

Do you sleep best on a firm, cool pillow?

‘DERBY EXTRA FEST’ Rid Essentials Horsehair Pillow

This pleasantly firm pillow has a cooling function,
which reduces sweating and is ideal for use in summer.

Filling material: horsehair

Get up to 10% discount when you book directly!