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Pardon My Bavarian

Obacht! Study our short alphabetical index of local vocabulary to facilitate your stay …

Adabei: wannabe member of a certain crowd (literally: „also here“)
Auweia: oh, dear…!
Bazi: a Bavarian brat, dude, rascal…
Blauer: 1860 Munich football fan (literally: „a blue one“)
Bussi: kiss
Bussi Bussi: kiss kiss
Burschi: slightly derogative term for dude (literally: „little fella“)
Dammisch: dumb
Depp: idiot
Diridari: money, cash, dough, paper…
Fahr zua: keep it moving!
Freilich: of course
Gehma: let’s go!
Grantig/Grantler: grumpy/grump
Griabig: cool – down to earth
Hau di (nei): goodbye – take care („literally: beat yourself“)
Hau her: pass it over!
Haxn: leg or foot
Helles: lager beer (literally: „a light one“)
Hoibe: half a liter of beer
Hoibs Händl: half a grilled chicken – usually served with Katroffelsalat (potato salad)
I mog di: I like you (in a romantic way)!
I werd narrisch: I’m going crazy!
Ja genau: never-ever or yes, of course – depending on pronounciation
Kraxeln: to climb
Lausbua: cheeky kid (literally: „kid with lice“)

Leberkäs: meatloaf, usually served in a bun with sweet mustard.
Maß: one liter of beer
Minga: Munich
Oida: old man (also used to pronounce excitement, as in: damn!)
Ois isi: all good!
Passt or Passt scho: good enough – that’ll do…!
Pfiati: see you later – goodbye!
Pfundig: great…! (literally: heavy)
Radl: bicycle
Radler: beer mixed with lemonde (literally: „bike rider“)
Roter: FC Bayern Munich football fan (literally: „a red one“)
Russn: wheat beer mixed with lemonade (literally: „a Russian“)
Schickimicki: fancy-schmancy
Schleich di: get outta here…!
Schmarrn: bullshit – rubbish – nonsense
Schnackseln: to make love
Schwammerl: mushroom or lightweight
Servus (Seas, Sers, Sersn etc): what’s up – how are you?
Spazl: darling (literally: „little sparrow“)
Spezi: local drink feat. Coke and Fanta – best served ice cold!
Spezl: friend
Steckerlfisch: seasoned grilled fish (mackerel or trout) on a stick
Weizn: wheat beer
Ziag O: drink faster (literally: pull up)
Zipfiklatscha: weiner
Zuagroasta: slightly derogative term for someone from out of town, who now lives in Munich

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