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An introduction into the secret member area of our haus!

Why are we doing this?

We didn’t start HiT to be another design-ish boutique hotel in the city center. We started HiT to create a place where stories happen and getting to know another is easy. Especially in an instagram world it becomes crucial to create special places without social boundaries, with actual conversations and actual experiences.

This is a tough to achieve goal and we believe we will need a special audience for this. The average booking.com guest might be appalled by the idea of speaking to a stranger…

Thats why we want to encourage a certain crowd to stay with us and want to make it easy for them to share this with like-minded friends. Only if we have a critical mass of open-minded people in-house we have the chance to create a special atmosphere.


Who is a secret member?

In general everyone that’s open minded and that seems to improve the atmosphere in a room. Would you want to have a beer with this guy or girl?

Let’s play a game of secret member memory!



A potential secret member
Not a potential secret member

Ok, so this was easy. The one seems interesting, easygoing and generally open-minded. The other…not so much.

Let’s make it a bit more difficult:

Who would you choose? 

James Bond obviously. Why?

  • seems to have worked for where he is today
  • seems to have quite a few interesting stories up his sleeve
  • seems like he doesn’t take himself to seriously

The other one… not so much.

Don’t be scared to make the decision, if in doubt discuss with a co-host. In general let’s try to give one access out per day!

How do we do this?

We want to give the guest the feeling that not everybody gets invited, that it is special to get invited . Also, we want him/her to understand what it is about. That’s why we do it in person: we take the guest aside and explain the existence of a secret member area (secret member Bereich) and we would like to invite him/her – we wait for the answer and tell him/her how to access the member area and that we will also send the short info via mail afterwards:




PS: Why do we communicate in English?

This is one point of criticism that we don’t take to heart (ok, and that Leberkas thing), why?

  1. We want an open culture where everybody feels welcomed. If the house language is English everybody can interact.
  2. We actually don’t want German speaking guests that feel offended by the use of the English language. (motives? / age focus)
  3. We have international staff.
  4. Graphically it’s like a total nightmare to do two languages…;)

That being said, if a person is German and I am German of course we naturally converse in German. We don’t want an unnatural “Soho House” vibe, but we do want to make sure that English is our first language


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